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Stages of Drug and Substance Abuse

It is generally believed that a journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step. This is the same case with drug and substance abuse. Therapists argue that for one to be dependent on drugs takes a process. It does not happen in a single day. Most people are not usually aware when they are falling in to the step of addiction and dependency. When you ask them, they will say it just a hobby. This hobby may eventually ruin their health and the normal functioning of their body systems. It is therefore advisable to watch out as you have fun as you don’t know which may become addictive. Check on the cycle of drug addiction now.

The first and the most dangerous stage of the development of an addiction is the first time one uses a drug. This is because when you try it out, it alters the functioning of the body and the mind once it is introduced to the body. Some may get excited by the feel of it. Once the effects are over, it is usually a personal decision to use the drug again. The thrill of the moment may keep encouraging you to keep using the drug over and over till it gets to the second stage of addiction.

The second stage of addiction is where one becomes a habitual drug user. This means you use the drug frequently. At this point the body is fully adjusted to the drug and you get excited whenever you use it. At this point a person may start using the drug excessively as they feel good about it. The initial thrill may be worn out and to get a feeling out of the drug, a person may tend to use more of it. This will lead to the third stage of drug addiction.

The third stage is the fully dependent stage. This is the point where for you to function you need to use the drug. Whenever the drug is not introduced to the system, a person may start having systems like headaches. Others body parts may also fail. Shaking hands also happens when one has not used the drug. Once the drug is introduced in their system, they are able to start functioning properly again. If one has not used the drug, they may start showing withdrawal symptoms. what are the stages of drug addiction, read more here!

To avoid getting to such stages of addiction, it is important for a person to protect themselves. They best way that will cost your health is not starting to use the drug at all. You can read more here:

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